Things I do in ...

    XDEFI Wallet
    • Making XDEFI wallet more functional for D-Apps by implementing more Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs)
    • Added support in XDEFI Wallet for Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBTs) for necessary UTXO networks
    • Decoding common raw transaction HEX from Smart Contracts (UniswapV2, Token Approval) to present to the end user in a readable manner
    • Translating Figma designs to Web-3 based React components
    • Configure Storybook for faster and better UI development
    • Write unit tests using React Testing Library and Jest-styled-components
    The National
    • Maitaining and adding features to The National's website.
    • Understanding requirements from Editors and other product owners and translating them to real world features by building them on top of a SSR React Product
    • Mocking up designs on Figma
    • Writing Unit and End to End tests using Jest and Enzyme.
    ConsenSys MENA
    • Converting Wireframes to HTML components for production ready web applications
    • Using ReactJS combined with TDD for bringing the front-end user stories to life
    • Creating and enhancing the performance of Docker images by leveraging knowledge of multistage builds
    • Writing basic Kubernetes manifest for creating front-end pod
    • Configuring Jenkins server for CI/CD purposes on an Ubuntu VM
    • Writing Unit and End to End tests using Jest, Enzyme, Cypress and Puppeteer
    • Organizing stand-up meetings and acting as interim Scrum master
    • Using Terraform to conduct simple infrastructure management
    •   Mocking up basic wireframes using Figma
    Consol* MENA
    • Ensured efficient software releases by manually testing new features after development
    • Implemented features by continuously communicating and following up with the clients
    • Analyzed unit tests to find bottlenecks and improve their execution speed by 50%, by decoupling them into smaller test suites instead of one big test suite.
    • Ensured code quality with unit and integration tests by applying Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Developed in Java, tests which reduced PDF generation errors by 75% by running them after every commit using TestNG and Maven
    • Improved Selenium tests in Java and analyzed test results from Jenkins to provide feedback to clients before every software release
    Free time
    • Learning and playing songs on my Ukulele
    • Travelling to exotic beachy locations
    • Learning new technologies that pique my interest
    • Reading from time to time and watching Netflix :)